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AC Transit 3-25-2018

Service Changes Effective March 25, 2018

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AC Transit Service Changes
Effective Sunday, March 25, 2018

Highlights of changes:

  • Schedules changed to clarify service at the ends of lines 12 and 29.
  • Line 57 leaving Emeryville operates going south on Christie Ave. between 64th St. and Shellmound St.
Line(s) Description of changes
12 Schedules changed to make the end of the line in Northwest Berkeley more clear. The last stop heading toward Northwest Berkeley is on Gilman St. at 6th St., by the side of Lama Beans. The first stop heading toward downtown Berkeley and downtown Oakland is on Gilman St. at 7th St.
29 Schedules changed to make the end of the line on Lakeshore Ave. more clear.
  • Up until noon, buses will arrive at Lakeshore Ave. at Mandana Blvd. from downtown Oakland and take their break at the stop on Lakeshore Ave. in front of Chevron. After their break, they will travel up Lakeshore Ave. before returning via Wala Vista Ave. and continuing to downtown Oakland and Emeryville.
  • After noon, buses will continue up Lakeshore Ave., return via Wala Vista Ave. and then take their break on Lakeshore Ave. at Mandana Blvd., at the stop by the Mandana Plaza park. After their break, they will continue on Lakeshore Ave. to downtown Oakland and Emeryville.

Scheduled times slightly changed in the area of Lakeshore Ave.

57 Leaving the Public Market Emeryville area, Line 57 will travel south on Christie Ave. beginning at 64th St., serve the stop at the Powell Street Plaza shopping center (near Trader Joe’s), and continue south before turning onto Shellmound St. Other minor schedule changes.
72R Minor schedule changes on weekends.
600–699 Schedules on AC Transit’s Service to Schools have been updated with the dates that minimum-day and other special schedules will apply. Other minor schedule changes made to lines 621 and 681.

“Minor schedule changes” are those that move the times of bus trips earlier or later by a few minutes.

New schedules and route maps are available at actransit.org. Look for new pocket timetables for lines 12, 29, 57 and 72R on your bus (other timetables are available online or by request from AC Transit Customer Service). For specific questions, call (510) 891-4777, or use the online form.