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BART Plus is a ticket good both on BART and many local transit systems. On BART, it works like a standard BART ticket. On most local transit systems, it works like a pass.

Each BART Plus ticket is valid for a half-month period. Part A is valid from the 1st to the 15th of the month. Part B is valid from the 16th to the end of the month.

How to buy

BART Plus tickets can be purchased from BART ticket machines, at the Lake Merritt Station Customer Service Center, or through the ticket-by-mail program.

BART Plus tickets are sold in various stored fare values on BART:

BART Plus Ticket price Stored BART value
$38 $15
$43 $20
$47 $25
$52 $30
$57 $35
$62 $40
$66 $45
$71 $50

Part A is on sale from 21st to 5th of the month and Part B is on sale from the 6th to 20th of the month.


On the BART system, BART Plus tickets are different from regular tickets in many ways:

  • Stored values for BART will expire 5 days after the ticket period ends. No refunds will be provided when these values expire.
  • Riders cannot add values onto BART Plus ticket either through regular ticket machines or add fare machines.
  • BART Plus tickets provide a "last ride bonus." That means that if you have a ticket with a 5-cent value left and your trip costs $2, you can still exit the system without paying the difference. Your BART Plus ticket will be returned to you after the last trip so that you can still use the ticket as a local transit pass.
  • If the BART Plus ticket is defective, bring it to a station agent. The station agent will place a "invalid" stamp on it and return it to you. You can purchase regular tickets on BART and use the invalid BART Plus ticket as a local transit pass until expiration. After the ticket's expiration, Bring it back to the station agent, who will help you submit a refund request for the unused BART values.

Local transit

The following systems accept BART Plus tickets as a pass with local fare credit: