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{{{accessibility}}} No Public restroom   City: Beaverton 

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Beaverton Transit Center is the transfer point between MAX ans WES trains.

Points of interest

MAX Light Rail


This station features a center and two side platforms. It is served TriMet MAX Red Line and TriMet MAX Blue Line trains. This station is the terminus for the TriMet MAX Red Line Red Line.

Ticket machines and Hop Fastpass readers are available. Buy ticket or tap card before boarding.

Terminus TriMet MAX Red Line Red Line Sunset Transit Center
to Airport - Depart from center track
Beaverton Central Station
to Hillsboro
TriMet MAX Blue Line Blue Line Sunset Transit Center
to Gresham - Depart from side track next to bus loading area

WES Commuter Rail


WES trains depart from the platform on the south side of the transit center. Ticket machine is available on the platform. Buy ticket before boarding.

Terminus WES Commuter Rail Hall/Nimbus Station
to Wilsonville

Bus - TriMet

Burnside/Stark: Portland and 23rd & Burnside or Beaverton TC - Gresham TC
Farmington/185th: PCC Rock Creek - Beaverton TC
Arctic/Allen: Beaverton Transit Center Loop
Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy: Beaverton Transit Center - Portland City Center
TV Hwy/Forest Grove: Forest Grove - Beaverton TC
Canyon Rd: Beaverton TC - Portland City Center
Marquam Hill/Beaverton: Beaverton TC - Marquam Hill
Beaverton/Tualatin: Tualatin - Beaverton TC
Beaverton/Lake Oswego: Lake Oswego TC - Beaverton TC
Hart/198th: Willow Creek TC - Beaverton TC