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UTA has 16 bus routes that are allowed to deviate up to 3⁄4 mile (1.2 km) from their set route to pick up or drop off passengers. These "flexible" routes are indicated by the letter "F" at the beginning of the route number (i.e., F618). FLEX routes combine the convenience of curb-to-curb service with regular fixed routes making it a viable option for many Paratransit riders.

Certain rules and restrictions apply to FLEX routes: Only two deviations are allowed per trip, however even with deviations routes maintain a schedule and never depart designated stops early. Riding FLEX routes cost the same as regular routes, however the cost for deviations is a dollar more (in addition to the regular fare). Deviations may be scheduled up to 7 days in advance but not less than 2 hours prior to travel time and can be made by calling 801-BUS-RIDE (801-287-7433) between 8:30 a.m. and 3 p.m.

F400 The Tooele Lift

F401 The Granstville/Stansbury Lift

F504 South Jordan FLEX

F514 300 West Flex

F518 Riverton Flex

F522 2200 W Flex Shuttle

F534 Herriman Flex Shuttle

F546 Draper Flex

F547 Herriman Lift

F556 5600 W Lift

F570 7000 S Lift

F578 7800 S Flex

F590 9000 S Flex

F618 Ogden BDO

F638 The Brigham City

F94 Sandy Flex

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