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During the winter ski season UTA offers additional routes or increased frequency on existing routes for many of the major ski resorts along the Wasatch Front, including Alta, Brighton, Powder Mountain, Snowbasin, Snowbird, Solitude, and Sundance Resort. Most of these ski routes are operational on Christmas Day and, in fact, these routes are the only transportation offered by UTA that day. Each bus also has compartments inside the bus for the storage of ski equipment during the trip and wider rear exit doors. Premium fares are charged for these routes.

670 Seasonal ski service: Powder Mountain

675 Seasonal ski service: Snow Basin

880 Seasonal ski service: Sundance

951 Seasonal ski service: Downtown/Snowbird/Alta

952 Seasonal ski service: 3900 South/Snowbird/Alta

954 Seasonal ski service: 4500 S Trax/Snowbird/Alta

960 Seasonal ski service: 7200 S Trax/Solitude/Brighton

962 Seasonal ski service: 10000 Trax/Solitude/Brighton

990 Seasonal ski service: 7200 S Trax To Snowbird/Alta

992 Seasonal ski service: 10000 S Trax/Snowbird/Alta

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