Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel

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Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel is dedicated transit way with underground stations shared by Sound Transit Link light rail and select King County Metro and Sound Transit buses.

Stop list

Blue line - Central Link

Red line - Tunnel bus routes

Convention Place
Closed since 7/21/2018.
Link to UW
University Street
Pioneer Square
International District


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Bus - tunnel level

King County Metro and Sound Transit run buses in the tunnel along with light rail. Fare is paid onboard the bus. Tunnel is open to approximately 1am on weeknights and Saturday nights, and midnight on Sunday nights. Routes that operate after the tunnel closure use surface streets instead.

Leaving downtown on the southbound platform:

Express: South Renton Park & Ride - Downtown Seattle
Express: Fairwood - Downtown Seattle
Kent Station - Downtown Seattle
(ST) Bellevue - Seattle

Leaving downtown on the northbound platform:

Express: Lake City - Northgate TC - Downtown Seattle
Sand Point - Downtown
Express: Brickyard P&R - Kirkland TC - Downtown Seattle