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Accessible via elevators No Public restroom   City: San Francisco |  Market St & Main St

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Embarcadero is a three level underground station for BART and Muni Metro in the city's Financial District. It is within a few blocks from Transbay Terminal and the Ferry Building for additional bus and ferry connections. Muni Metro and BART share the same concourse but have separate platforms in different levels. Each system has its own faregates and station agents.

3 level BART-Muni station

A Clipper customer service kiosk is located in the underground station concourse. Riders can pick up a new card, add value to an existing card, exchange a damaged or defective card, or get a personalized senior or youth card.


BART Antioch - SFO BART Dublin/Pleasanton - Daly City BART Warm Springs - Daly City BART Richmond - Millbrae lines serve this station underground. Ticket machines are available in the underground station concourse. First time riders must purchase a reusable BART ticket or Clipper card from a machine before boarding. All riders must pass through the faregates with a valid ticket or card. Keep the ticket or card for the ride and use it to pass through the faregates again when exiting the station.

Riders using the elevator to access platform need to process ticket or card at the fare gates before and after each ride, even though the elevator to the platform is located outside the paid area.

New Clipper cards can also be obtained from Muni ticket machines in the station concourse.

This station features center platforms.

Platform 1: BART Warm Springs - Daly City BART Dublin/Pleasanton - Daly City to Daly City,

BART Richmond - Millbrae to Millbrae, BART Antioch - SFO to SFO

Platform 2: BART Antioch - SFO BART Richmond - Millbrae BART Dublin/Pleasanton - Daly City BART Warm Springs - Daly City to East Bay
Real time departures:
Next Station: Montgomery Next Station: West Oakland

To transfer to Muni Metro, exit the BART faregates on the concourse and then enter Muni faregates. Embarcadero is a designated transfer point to Muni Metro toward AT&T Park and beyond. During Giants homegames, Muni sells tickets at tables inside BART paid area.

BART schedules

Departing  Arriving

BART | Fares | BART Antioch - SFO BART Richmond - Warm Springs BART Dublin/Pleasanton - Daly City BART Richmond - Millbrae BART Warm Springs - Daly City BART Coliseum - Oakland Airport | Stations | Shuttles

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J-Church K-Ingleside L-Taraval M-Ocean View N-Judah T-Third Street S-Shuttle lines serve this station underground. Muni Metro opens until about 1:00am.

Cash fare riders need to buy a Muni ticket or Clipper card from any Muni ticket machine on the concourse level. Riders with a valid Muni ticket or Clipper card can pass through any Muni faregate and proceed to the platform. Riders with other forms of passes or transfers should use the faregate next to the attendant booth and show the pass or transfer to the attendant. Riders using the elevator to access platform need to tag card or ticket at a Muni Clipper reader near the elevator before entering. Riders must keep the proof of payment for the ride.

This station features center platforms.

Outbound: J-Church K-Ingleside M-Ocean View to Balboa Park,

L-Taraval to SF Zoo, N-Judah to Ocean Beach

Inbound: N-Judah to 4th & King, T-Third Street to Sunnydale.

Terminus for J-Church L-Taraval M-Ocean View lines.

Real time departures:
Next Station: Montgomery Next Station: Folsom

Muni and Golden Gate Transit buses stop at various locations near the station.


Bus service within San Francisco.

L-Owl All-nighter: San Francisco Zoo - Ferry Plaza

N-Owl All-nighter: Ocean Beach - 4th & King Caltrain

T-Owl Weekend early morning: Market & Van Ness - Sunnydale

1 California: Downtown - Richmond District

1AX California 'A' Express: Richmond District (33rd and Geary) - Downtown

1BX California 'B' Express: Richmond District (California & 12th Ave) - Downtown

2 Clement: Ferry Plaza - Richmond District (Clement & 15th Ave)

5 Fulton: Transbay Terminal - Civic Center - 8th Ave (weekday daytime), Ocean Beach (night and weekend)

5R Fulton Rapid: Transbay Terminal - Civic Center - Ocean Beach (Richmond District)

6 Haight-Parnassus: Ferry Building - Inner Sunset District (Quintara and 14th Ave)

7 Haight-Noriega: Outer Sunset (Ortega and 48th Ave) - Transbay Terminal

9 San Bruno: Downtown - Arleta Station/Visitacion Valley (night and weekend)

9R San Bruno Rapid: Downtown - Visitacion Valley

14 Mission: Ferry Plaza - Daly City (Mission & San Jose)

14R Mission Rapid: Ferry Plaza - Daly City BART

14X Mission Express: Daly City (Mission and San Jose) - Ferry Plaza

21 Hayes: Ferry Plaza - Fulton & Shrader

30X Marina Express: The Marina (Beach and Divisadero) - Downtown

31 Balboa: Ocean Beach (Richmond District) - Ferry Plaza

31AX Balboa 'A' Express: Ocean Beach (Richmond District) - Downtown

31BX Balboa 'B' Express: Richmond District (Balboa and 12th Ave) - Downtown

38​​ Geary: Richmond District - Transbay Terminal

38​R Geary Rapid: Richmond District (Point Lobos) - Transbay Terminal

38AX Geary 'A' Express: Richmond District (48th Ave and Point Lobos) - Downtown

38BX Geary 'B' Express: Richmond District (Geary and 25th Ave) - Downtown

41 Union: Lyon and Greenwich - Downtown

81X Caltrain Express: 4th & King Caltrain - Downtown

82X Levi Plaza Express: 4th & King Caltrain - Levi Plaza (Sansome and Filbert)

Golden Gate Transit

Weekday Commute routes to the North Bay.

2 Marin Headlands (Donahue and Sherwood Dr) - San Francisco

4 Mill Valley (E Blithedale and Tower) - San Francisco

8 Tiburon - San Francisco

18 Kentfield (College of Marin) - San Francisco

24 Lagunitas/Manor - San Francisco

27 Sleepy Hollow/San Anselmo - San Francisco

38 Terra Linda (Del Ganado and Freitas) - San Francisco

44 Lucas Valley and Marinwood - San Francisco

54 Novato - San Francisco

56 San Marin - San Francisco via Rowland Blvd. Park & Ride

58 Novato - Hamilton - San Francisco

72 Santa Rosa - San Francisco via Rohnert Park and Cotati

74 Petaluma - San Francisco

76 East Petaluma - San Francisco

97 Larkspur Ferry Terminal - San Francisco

Historic Streetcar

F-Market & Wharves streetcars stop along Market St. However, some streetcar only operate between the Ferry Building and Fisherman's Wharf and thus do not stop on Market St. The Ferry Building is a short walk from this station.

Streetcars to Fisherman's Wharf may get crowded by the time they arrive at Embarcadero Station. Consider boarding at a stop further south on Market Street.

Cable car

California Cable Car terminal is located on California St and Drumm St. Pay the Cable Car fare onboard.

Shuttle, Other bus

China Basin Shuttle Market Street - China Basin

PresidiGo Downtown Shuttle Presidio Transit Center - Transbay Terminal


A bike station is available at the underground station concourse. It is operated by Bike Hub, BikeLink card is required and it charges a small hourly fee.

Ford GoBike operates a self-service bike share station near the station.