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Ogden - Salt Lake City - Provo
No service on Sundays/holidays.

FrontRunner is a regional commuter rail between Ogden, Salt Lake City, and Provo. Trains generally operate every 30 minutes during weekday peak hours and hourly midday. Trains operate every hourly on Saturdays.


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How to take FrontRunner

Before boarding the trains, buy your train ticket from a ticket machine or pay fare with a contactless credit/debit card (by tapping on a reader at the station before boarding and after exiting). Fare is determined by the distance you plan to travel. FrontRunner uses the proof of payment system and passengers caught without a valid ticket or pass are subject to eviction and/or citation.

Bicycle access

Board the bi-level car closest to the locomotive. There are spaces for 12 bicycles to be parked upright on this car. If using any other car, enter through the door with a green bicycle symbol. Place the bicycle under the stairs (room for 4 bicycles). No bikes are allowed in single-level cars and upstairs in bi-level cars. Bicycles must not block doors, aisles or stairways on trains. Designated emergency exits must be kept accessible at all times and bikes using racks near these exits cannot be locked to the rack. Bicyclists must follow the instructions of the Train Host and/or Conductor concerning the location of their bike due to overcrowding and/or if space is needed for an ADA passenger

Disabled access

FrontRunner is accessible to people with disabilities at all stations. Riders in wheelchair or other mobility device should wait on the south end of the station near the blue access symbol. To board these trains, a train host will deploy a ramp to bridge the gap between the vehicle and the platform.