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Bay Area/Sacramento - Los Angeles/Orange County/San Diego - Arizona

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Low Fare Bus (a.k.a. Xe Do Hoang) provides bus service between the Vietnamese communities California and Arizona. Fares range from $40 (most trips) to $80 (Sacramento to San Diego). No reservation necessary. Vietnamese sandwiches and bottled water are provided to riders.

Sacramento stop

Bay Area stops

  • (near Lion Plaza Shopping Center)

Los Angeles area stops (to Northern California and Arizona)

  • Chinatown Station (LA Metro)
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  • ABC Supermarket - Bolsa & Magnolia (Little Saigon)
  • Rosemead Market, across from Rosemead City Hall (to Arizona)
  • (to Arizona)

San Diego stop

Arizona stops (to Los Angeles)

  • Lam's Supermarket - Indian School & 67th Avenue
  • Lee's Sandwiches, Chandler - Warner & Dobson