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Megabus is a discount intercity bus carrier that operates in various regions of the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Fares vary depending on the date traveled and the time reservation is made. Advanced reservation is required.

Megabus generally stop at curbside locations and at major transit center.

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Bay Area - Anaheim route San Francisco - Oakland or San Jose - Los Angeles - Anaheim

Bay Area - Sacramento route San Francisco - Sacramento

Los Angeles - Las Vegas route Los Angeles - Las Vegas

Dallas - Houston route Dallas - Houston

Dallas - San Antonio route Dallas - San Antonio

Houston - San Antonio route Houston - Austin - San Antonio

New Orleans - San Antonio route New Orleans - Baton Rouge - Houston - San Antonio

Chicago - Dallas route Chicago - St. Louis - Memphis - Little Rock - Dallas

Chicago - Minneapolis route Chicago - Milwaukee - Madison - Minneapolis

Chicago - Omaha route Chicago - Moline - Iowa City (Coralville) - Des Moines - Omaha


May not necessarily show exact boarding locations. Check with company for exact stop location:

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