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Accessible Available by the bus plaza   City: Palo Alto |  Alma St & University Ave

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Palo Alto Station is a gateway to Stanford University. It is also the main transfer point between SamTrans and VTA buses as it is located near the county border of San Mateo and Santa Clara counties.

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This station is served by Caltrain local/limited stop and Baby Bullet trains.

Caltrain ticket machines and Clipper card readers are located on the train platforms. Riders can purchase new Clipper cards and add values/passes to the card from selected ticket machines at this station. All riders must have a valid paper/mobile ticket, or tagged Clipper card/mobile device before boarding Caltrain. Train crews may inspect for fares onboard. Riders using Clipper should "tag off" after exiting the train.

This station features side platforms. Use pedestrian tunnels to get from one platform to another.

Southbound to San Jose/Gilroy Northbound to San Francisco
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Stanford Marguerite shuttles serve Stanford University and Hospital and most routes pick up on the driveway by the southbound platform. This is a transfer point between SamTrans (north to San Mateo County), Dumbarton Express (East Bay), and VTA (south to San Jose) systems, which stop at the transit center on the west side of the station. City shuttles load on the west side of the station.

City of Palo Alto
Local on demand Palo Alto

Dumbarton Express
Union City Station - Stanford University

Menlo Park Shuttle
Crosstown Shuttle

Palo Alto Station - Daly City Station, (Owl) SFO - Daly City
East Palo Alto (Purdue and Fordham) - Palo Alto Caltrain
Onetta Harris Community Center - East Palo Alto - Stanford Oval
Redwood City Station - East Palo Alto (day time) - Palo Alto (late night)
All-Nighter: Palo Alto Station - San Francisco (Salesforce Transit Center)

Stanford Marguerite
Caltrain - Oval express
Palo Alto Station - Stanford Industrial Park
Palo Alto Station - SLAC
Shopping Express: Palo Alto Station - San Antonio Shopping Center via Stanford (Night and weekend)
Counter-clockwise loop: Palo Alto Station - Stanford University - Hospital - Shopping Center
Clockwise loop: Palo Alto Station - Stanford University - Hospital - Shopping Center

Stanford Shopping Center - Santa Clara Transit Center
Eastridge Transit Center - Palo Alto Station
Rapid: Palo Alto Transit Center - Eastridge


Parking is available east and west of the Caltrain tracks. Parking on the east side of the tracks is accessible from Alma Ave. Parking on the west side is accessible from University Ave at El Camino Real.

Parking requires a $5.50 daily fee or a Caltrain monthly parking permit. To pay the daily parking fee, remember the stall number and pay at the Caltrain ticket machines located on the station platforms.


This station features bike racks and 96 bike lockers located throughout the station area. Call Caltrain at 650-508-6350 for locker information.

Bike Hub, located at the main station building, offers shared indoor bike storage to subscribed members.

Across the street from the station, the parking garage on Alma and Hamilton offers paid secured bike storage. BikeLink card is required.