TriMet MAX Blue Line

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Hillsboro - City Center - Gresham

7 days a week. Holiday service varies.


To Hillsboro: Weekday | Saturday | Sunday/holiday

To Gresham: Weekday | Saturday | Sunday/holiday

    Points of interest

    Route and stations

    Stations Connections
    Hatfield Government Center
    Hillsboro Central/SE 3rd
    Tuality Hospital/SE 8th
    Washington/SE 12th
    Fairplex/Hillsboro Airport
    Hawthorn Farm
    Willow Creek/SW 185th
    Elmonica/SW 170th
    Marlo Rd/SW 158th
    Beaverton Creek
    Millikan Way
    Beaverton Central
    WES Commuter Rail
    Washington Park
    Goose Hollow/SW Jefferson
    Providence Park
    Portland Streetcar
    Library/SW 9th
    Galleria/SW 10th
    Pioneer Square South
    Pioneer Square North
    Yamhill District
    Morrison/SW 3rd
    Oak/SW 1st
    Skidmore Fountain
    Old Town/Chinatown
    Rose Quarter
    Convention Center
    Portland Streetcar
    NE 7th
    Lloyd Center/NE 11th
    Hollywood/NE 42nd
    NE 60th
    NE 82nd
    Gateway/NE 99th
    E 102nd
    E 122nd
    E 148th
    E 162nd
    E 172nd
    E 181st
    Rockwood/E 188th
    Ruby Junction/E 197th
    Civic Drive
    Gresham City Hall
    Gresham Central
    Cleveland Avenue


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