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San Mateo Bridge Transit

A fact of life on the Peninsula is that during rush hours, the 101 freeway is jammed in both direction leading to SR-92 and SR-92 is also jammed leading to the San Mateo Bridge. Unfortunately, unlike nearly all other Bay Area bridges, this bridge has no transit option currently for the general public nor a route for cyclists. Commuters either have to drive themselves, make informal arrangements for carpool, lucky enough to have employer sponsored shuttles, or use other bridge corridors on transit or bike/micromobility. Why hasn’t transit worked for the San Mateo Bridge?

Remaining portion of original bridge that turned into a pier (right). High rise portion of the current bridge (left).

Even though the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge first opened to traffic in 1929, and being the second road bridge to be opened crossing San Francisco Bay (after Dumbarton Bridge), I was not able to find history of scheduled bus service on the bridge before SamTrans introduced the 90E route between San Mateo and Hayward BART in 1977. In the early decades, the Peninsula and East Bay regions outside Oakland and Berkeley were mostly rural. Primary transbay transit service was ferries from Oakland and eventually interurban rail and buses over the Bay Bridge.

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Should AC Transit Transbay service be dramatically different?

As a result of the economic crisis and a huge drop in tax revenue a few years ago, a lot of transit agencies were forced to cut back and reviewed its operations. The Bay Area’s Metropolitan Transportation Commission took leadership and created an incentive program to award agencies that are able to reduce costs (after factoring in inflation) and make transit routes more efficient and productive.

AC Transit is one of the transit agencies identified to improve productivity because it is the largest local transit provider in the East Bay. It provides main line service along key corridors, local and community service connecting with BART, as well as Transbay bus service to San Francisco. Continue reading Should AC Transit Transbay service be dramatically different?