Cerritos on Wheels

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Cerritos on Wheels (COW) provides local bus service in the City of Cerritos. It connects with Los Angeles Metro, Long Beach Transit, OCTA, among others. Cerritos Towne Center is the main hub of the bus system.

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Cerritos on Wheels operates 2 routes (1 and 2), letters A, B, and C define the segment of the route. Route 1 would go on segment A, then B, and followed by C. Route 2 pretty much covers the opposite direction of route 1.

System map
Cerritos Towne Center - Carmenita Road
Cerritos Towne Center - Cerritos College via Norwalk, 195th
Cerritos Towne Center - Cerritos College via South St, Los Cerritos Center


One way COW monthly pass
Full fare $0.50 $20
Senior/​Disabled/​Medicare fare N/A N/A