Gold Country Stage

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Gold Country Stage provides local bus service in the western portion of Nevada County, serving Nevada City and Grass Valley. It connects with Placer County Transit and Amtrak in Auburn.

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Grass Valley - Nevada City
Ridge Road
Grass Valley Loop - Loma Rica
Brunswick Basin
Regional route: Grass Valley - Auburn
Grass Valley - Penn Valley


Zone fares apply on route 5 (between Grass Valley and Auburn) and 6 (between Grass Valley and Penn Valley).

One way Day pass (one zone) Day pass (two zones) Monthly pass (one zone)
Full fare $1.50 $4.50 $7.50 $45.00
fare $0.75 $2.25 $3.75 $22.50
Senior/​Disabled/​Medicare fare $0.75 $2.25 $3.75 $22.50

Two zone one way fare and monthly pass is twice the price of the one zone fare/pass.