Carquinez Bridge

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The Carquinez Bridge links Vallejo in Solano County with Crockett in Contra Costa County.

The current base toll is $7, charged in the northbound direction only (no toll southbound). Carpool vehicles with 3 or more persons can cross the bridge for $3.50 on weekdays between 5am - 10am and 3pm - 7pm. FasTrak is accepted for payment. Drivers who don't have FasTrak transponder can drive through the toll gate, and an invoice would be sent to the vehicle owner by mail for the toll. Drivers who don't use FasTrak and regularly cross the bridge would have tolls be invoiced monthly. The invoice can be paid online, by mail, or by cash at select locations.

A $0.50 discount is given for FasTrak users making a second toll crossing of the day during weekday commute hours (5-10am and 3-7pm).


Bikes and pedestrians

A bicycle/pedestrian trail is available on the west side of the suspension bridge.


Over the Bridge


Green Line: Fairfield - El Cerrito del Norte Station
Red Line: Fairfield - Vallejo - El Cerrito del Norte Station


Napa BART Express: to/from El Cerrito del Norte BART