3rd Street/Bayview

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City: San Francisco 

Directions to and from 3rd Street/Bayview

Muni Metro

T-Third Street Third Street Line runs through the Bayview along 3rd Street. Stops are at Kirkwood/La Salle, Oakdale/Palou, and Revere/Shafter.



Monterey: San Francisco Zoo - Bayview (Palou & 3rd St)
Divisadero: Bayview (3rd St & Palou) - Pacific Heights (Jackson & Fillmore)
O'Shaughnessy: Bayview (3rd St & Evans) - Inner Richmond (California & 6th Ave)
Felton: Daly City Station - Bayview (Hudson and 3rd St)
All-Nighter: West Portal Station - San Francisco State University via Downtown