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AVTA provides local bus service in the Palmdale/Lancaster areas of Los Angeles County. AVTA connects with Metrolink trains and provides weekday commuter bus service to Los Angeles.

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Lake LA Express Palmdale Station - Lake LA - Lancaster City Park

North County TRANSporter Midday: Palmdale Station - Newhall Station

1 Lancaster/Palmdale: Lancaster Senior Center - Avenue S & 47th St. E.

2 Palmdale Blvd: Antelope Valley Mall - Ave. S & 47th St. E. via Palmdale Blvd.

3 Avenue R: Antelope Valley Mall - Ave. S and 47th St. E.

4 Eastside Lancaster: Lancaster Senior Center - Lancaster City Park

5 Avenue L: Lancaster City Park - Quartz Hill

6 Littlerock: Ave. S and 47th St. E. - Littlerock

7 Quartz Hill: Lancaster Senior Center - Palmdale Station via Quartz Hill

10 Express Palmdale/Lancaster: University of Antelope Valley - Ave S & 47th St East

11 Avenue I/15th Street West: Ave. I & 40th St. E. - Lancaster City Park

12 Avenue J: Ave. I & 40th St. E. - Lancaster City Park

15 Pearblossom

94 Supplemental service: Antelope Valley High School and Eastside High School

96 Supplemental service: PM Little Rock High School

97 Supplemental service: Highland High School

98 Supplemental service: Pete Knight High School

99 Supplemental service: Little Rock High School

785 Lancaster - Downtown LA

786 Lancaster - Century City, Westwood

787 Lancaster - Warner Center


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