Aurora Village Shopping Center

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City: Shoreline 

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Directions to and from Aurora Village Shopping Center

The transit center is located on the south side of the shopping center by N 200th St.


Community Transit

Rapid: Aurora Village - Everett Station via Hwy 99
Aurora Village - Mariner Park & Ride via Hwy 99
Aurora Village Transit Center - McCollum Park & Ride
Lynnwood Transit Center - Edmonds
Edmonds - Downtown Seattle

King County Metro

Microtransit: Night only Shoreline - Lake Forest Park
RapidRide: Aurora Village TC - Downtown Seattle
Express: Aurora Village TC - Richmond Beach - Downtown Seattle
Express: Shoreline P&R - First Hill
Shoreline Community College - Aurora Village TC - Kenmore P&R
Express: Shoreline P&R - Renton TC
Aurora Village TC - Northgate TC
Aurora Village TC - University District