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(Weekday daytime, Sunday) Millbrae - SFO


This line BART Millbrae - SFO operates during weekday daytime and all day on Sundays between Millbrae and SFO. It is not operated on weeknights and Saturdays when the BART Antioch - SFO line provides service along the same segment. This is the only line that provides service to Millbrae on Sundays. On Sundays, passengers from Millbrae take this train to SFO and transfer to BART Antioch - SFO line to all other stations, and passengers heading to Millbrae take BART Antioch - SFO to SFO and transfer to this train to Millbrae.

Route and stations

Caltrain line and stations are in green.

Stations Connections
to San Francisco
San Francisco International Airport
BART Antioch - SFO
BART Richmond - Millbrae - Weekdays only


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