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Caltrain and various entities provide shuttles to and from the trains. Most shuttles are free, but some require cash fares, shuttle passes, or train tickets.


Route Destinations
Burlingame Trolley Burlingame Hotel Row - Downtown Burlingame
Brisbane-Bayshore Caltrain Shuttle Bayshore Caltrain Station and the Brisbane
Burlingame-North Shuttle Millbrae Stn - North Burlingame
Burlingame Bayside Area Shuttle Millbrae Stn - Burlingame hotel row
Campus Drive Area Shuttle Hillsdale Stn - Campus Ave area
Foster City-Lincoln Centre Shuttle Hillsdale - North Foster City
Genesis One Tower Place Shuttle SSF Caltrain, BART - Genesis One Tower Place
Mariners' Island Shuttle Hillsdale Stn - Mariners' Island area
Midpoint Shuttle Redwood City Stn - Midpoint Business Park
Norfolk Shuttle Hillsdale Stn - Norfolk St
North Foster City shuttle Millbrae Stn - North Foster City
Oyster Point Caltrain Shuttle Caltrain - Oyster Pt, shuttle pass required
Redwood Shores Bayshore Shuttle Hillsdale Stn - Redwood Shores
San Carlos Commuter Shuttle San Carlos Stn - San Carlos Industrial area
Seaport Centre Shuttle Redwood City Stn - Seaport Ctr
Utah-Grand Caltrain Shuttle Caltrain - SSF Utah Grand, shuttle pass required
MVgo East Bayshore Shuttle Mountain View Station - Shoreline Blvd Area
MVgo East Whisman Shuttle Mountain View Station - Whisman Rd Area
MVgo West Bayshore Shuttle Mountain View Station - Charleston Rd, Garcia Ave Area
Menlo Park Midday Shuttle Menlo Park Senior Center - Downtown Palo Alto
Mission Bay Shuttle Market Street - Mission Bay
Mountain View Community Shuttle Local Mountain View
Palo Alto Crosstown Shuttle Palo Alto Station - Stevenson House
Palo Alto Embarcadero Shuttle Palo Alto Station - Harbor Place
Bayhill San Bruno Caltrain Shuttle Caltrain - Bayhill area
Bayshore/Brisbane Senior Shuttle Midday service
Belmont Hillsdale Shuttle Belmont Stn - Hillsdale Stn
Bowers/Walsh Shuttle Santa Clara - bowers/Walsh
Broadway Millbrae Shuttle Millbrae Stn - Broadway Stn
Connect San Mateo Shuttle North San Mateo
Duane Ave Shuttle Mtn View Stn, Lawrence - North Sunnyvale
Electronic Arts Shuttle San Carlos Stn - Electronic Arts
Marsh Road Shuttle Menlo Park - Marsh Road
Mission Shuttle Lawrence Stn - Intel
Oracle Shuttle Hillsdale, San Carlos Stn - Oracle
Pacific Shores Shuttle Redwood Stn - Pacific Shores
Sierra Point Caltrain Shuttle Millbrae Stn - Sierra Pt
Tamien-Diridon Weekend Shuttle Weekend only: Tamien - San Jose
Twin Dolphin Area Shuttle San Carlos Stn - Twin Dolphin Dr, Oracle
Willow Road Shuttle Menlo Park Stn - Willow Road
Stanford Marguerite N Counter-clockwise loop: Stanford University - Downtown Palo Alto (Night)
Stanford Marguerite O Clockwise loop: Stanford University - Downtown Palo Alto (Night)
Stanford Marguerite P Caltrain - Oval express
Stanford Marguerite RP Palo Alto Station - Stanford Industrial Park
Stanford Marguerite S Palo Alto Station - SLAC
Stanford Marguerite SE Shopping Express: Palo Alto Station - San Antonio Shopping Center via Stanford (Night and weekend)
Stanford Marguerite X Counter-clockwise loop: Palo Alto Station - Stanford University - Hospital - Shopping Center
Stanford Marguerite Y Clockwise loop: Palo Alto Station - Stanford University - Hospital - Shopping Center
UCSF Shuttle Green Line UCSF Mission Bay - China Basin
VTA 10 Free Airport Flyer: Metro/Airport Station - San Jose International Airport - Santa Clara Caltrain Station
VTA DASH Free shuttle: San Jose Diridon Station - Downtown San Jose

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