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Leander - Downtown Austin
No Sunday service.

Capital MetroRail is a commuter rail line (using diesel multiple units) between Leander and Dowtown Austin. MetroRail operates on weekdays as frequent as every 30 minutes. This line uses Proof of payment fare system.


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How to take MetroRail

Before boarding the trains, buy your train ticket from a ticket machine or use CapMetro App. MetroRail uses the proof of payment system and passengers caught without a valid ticket or pass are subject to eviction and/or citation. Pre-purchased tickets (sold at transit store or retail outlets) need to be validated at the station before boarding.

Bicycle access

Austin MetroRail bike racks.jpg Austin MetroRail bikes.jpg

Each rail car has two vertical racks (one on each end of the rail car by the door) accommodating two bikes each. This space also has pull down seats for wheelchair passengers and priority seating for mobility impaired passengers. Bicyclists have priority in this space. If this space is full, bicyclists can place their bikes along side the jump seats on the opposite side if this space is available. Wheelchair and mobility impaired riders have priority in this space. If both areas are full, bicyclists must stand with their bike in an open area.

Disabled access

Capital MetroRail cars feature level boarding access at all stations.