Corvallis Transit System

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Corvallis Transit System (CTS) is a bus system covering the city of Corvallis. Service is fare-free for all riders.

Transit web site

Bus routes

C1 Buchanan/Kings/Timberhill/Witham Hill/OSU

C2 2nd St/H-P South Entrance/5th St

C3 Harrison/53rd St/Grand Oaks/Research Way/35th St/OSU

CVA Cresent Valley Area

Philomath Connection Philomath/Corvallis

North route Beaver Bus - Thur, Fri, Sat night service

Southeast route Beaver Bus - Thur, Fri, Sat night service

Southwest route Beaver Bus - Thur, Fri, Sat night service

1 OSU/Witham Hill/Timberhill/HP

2 9th St/Hospital

3 Philomath Blvd/Sunset/49th St/OSU

4 5th St/Highland Dr/Hospital/Garfield/9th St

5 OSU/Kings/Timberhill

6 South Corvallis/Western/OSU

7 OSU/29th/Circle/H-P/Conifer/Hospital

8 Philomath Blvd/Sunset/49th St/35th St/OSU

Featured destinations

Corvallis High School  |  Crescent Valley High School  |  Downtown Corvallis  |  Sunset Shopping Center (Corvallis)  |  Oregon State University  |  Corvallis Market Center  |  Timberhill Shopping Center  |  Downtown Transit Center (Corvallis)  |  Philomath High School  |  Benton County Fairgrounds