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City: Olympia 

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Buses stop at Olympia Transit Center.

Grays Harbor Transit

East County

Intercity Transit

Free Downtown Olympia Shuttle
L&I, West Tumwater, Downtown Olympia
L&I, East Tumwater, Downtown Olympia
Bethel Street, North Central Street, Downtown Olympia
The Evergreen State College, Downtown Olympia.
Family Court, SPSCC and the Olympia Transit Center
Westfield Mall, Conger, Downtown Olympia
Capital Medical Center, Westfield Mall, Downtown Olympia
The Evergreen State College, Westfield Mall, Downtown Olympia
Sunday: Westfield Mall, Downtown Olympia, evenings and weekends
St. Peter Hospital, Panorama and the Olympia Transit
Lacey, Meridian/The Meadows, Downtown Olympia
Lacey, Amtrak, College Street, Downtown Olympia
Lacey, Ruddell Road, Downtown Olympia
Lacey Corporate Center, Yelm, Downtown Olympia
Olympia Transit Center and Tacoma Dome Station
Weekend: Olympia - Tacoma Mall

Mason Transit Authority

Shelton to Olympia