Downtown Redding

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City: Redding 

Directions to and from Downtown Redding


Board buses at Downtown Transit Center (Redding).

RABA Anderson Commuter Anderson - Redding

RABA Burney Express Burney - Redding

RABA Crosstown Express Downtown -Mt. Shasta Mall

RABA School Express Downtown -Shasta College

RABA 2 Downtown

RABA 3 South Redding

RABA 5 Downtown - Goodwater Ave via Hartnell

RABA 7 Downtown - North Point Plaza - Shasta College

RABA 11 Downtown - Mt. Shasta Mall via Cypress, Hilltop

RABA 14 Downtown - Mt. Shasta Mall via North Point Plaza

Sage Stage Alturas - Redding Route Tue: Alturas - Redding

SIRPTP Redding Route Mon, Wed, Fri: Susanville - Chester - Red Bluff - Redding

Trinity Transit Redding Line Weaverville - Redding