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City: Tacoma 


Points of interest

Sound Transit Tacoma Link

Sound Transit Tacoma Link Light Rail provides free service in Downtown Tacoma.


At Tacoma Dome Station, Sounder commuter rail provides service to Downtown Seattle and Lakewood. Tacoma Link provides connection between Sounder and downtown destinations.


The Amtrak Station in Tacoma is a few blocks east of Tacoma Dome Station.


The main transit center is located on Commerce Street between 9th and 13th streets.

Pierce Transit

Tacoma Community College - Spanaway via 6th Ave, Pacific Ave
Downtown Tacoma - Tacoma Community College - Lakewood via S 19th St, Bridgeport
Lakewood - Tacoma via Tacoma Mall
Point Defiance - Downtown Tacoma via Proctor District
North 24th & Proctor - Tacoma Dome Station via N 30th St
TCC - Downtown Tacoma via Proctor
TCC - Downtown Tacoma via S 12th St
Tacoma Mall - Downtown Tacoma via S 56th St–Salishan
72nd St Transit Center - Downtown Tacoma via McKinley Ave
Parkland Transit Center - Downtown Tacoma via Yakima
Lakewood - Downtown Tacoma via Sheridan-M St
Tacoma Mall - Downtown Tacoma
Northeast Tacoma Express
Gig Harbor - Tacoma Express
Puyallup - Downtown Tacoma
Tacoma - Federal Way via Hwy 99
Tacoma - Federal Way via Milton

Sound Transit

(ST) Downtown Tacoma - Seattle
(ST) Lakewood - Tacoma - Seattle