Golden Gate Ferry

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Golden Gate Ferry is a regional ferry system between Marin County and San Francisco. It is a division of Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District, which also operates Golden Gate Transit buses.

Golden Gate Ferry web site

Ferry Routes

San Francisco - Angel Island
Larkspur - San Francisco
Baseball service: Larkspur - AT&T Park
Sausalito - San Francisco (Ferry Building)
Tiburon - San Francisco


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How to take the ferry

Ferry tickets are sold from ticket machines at the terminal, which accepts cash and credit/debit card. Clipper cards can be used to pay for the ferry fare and provide significant discounts. AT&T service does not accept Clipper and tickets are not sold from ticket machines. Tickets to AT&T ferries are sold online, over the phone, or at Dugout Store at the ballpark.

San Francisco and Larkspur terminals have dedicated waiting area for ferry passengers. Fare is charged at the faregates before entering the waiting area. Fare is charged (by tagging ferry ticket or Clipper card at Clipper reader) when boarding the ferry at Sausalito.

Bicycle access

Bicycles are permitted on the ferries on a first come first served basis without an additional fare, but capacity varies depending on vessel type. High speed ferry used on the Larkspur route can carry 15 bikes. Slower ferry used on the Larkspur route can take up to 100 bikes. Ferry used on the Sausalito route can take up to 200 bikes.

During the summer season, the line to board the ferry from Sausalito can be long for passengers with bikes.

Disabled access

The ferries and terminals are accessible to disabled riders. Ferries also have accessible restrooms.

At Larkspur and San Francisco terminals, disabled riders board and exit the ferry on the upper deck. At Sausalito and Oracle Park, disabled riders board and exit on the main deck. Wheelchair lift operated by a crew member will take the disabled rider between decks to access the terminals.