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Hop card reader inside a Portland Streetcar (2017).jpg

Hop Fastpass is a smart card fare-payment system for Portland-Vancouver region. Hop Fastpass cards are accepted on TriMet, C-Tran, and Portland Streetcars.

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Card features

  • Riders can use the same card to transfer between different transit providers
  • Transfer discounts and fare upgrades are automatically applied.
  • Riders with Hop can earn a day pass (daily fare cap) or monthly pass (monthly fare cap) by using the fare with cash value loaded on card without having to purchase a pass in advance.
  • If the card is registered, the owner can restore balance in the event of loss, theft, or damage
  • Values on the card can be replenished automatically with autoload.

Card drawbacks

  • Card costs $3
  • Card can only be obtained from transit offices and selected retailers including Fred Meyer and Safeway. Cards are not issued by mail.
  • Requires riders to tap the card at the reader when boarding a transit vehicle each time, even if they already have a valid pass. Failure to do so is subject to citation.

Where to get cards

  • TriMet, C-Tran, Portland Streetcar customer service centers
  • Selected retailers including Fred Meyer and Safeway (see here for locations). Cards can be obtained from the gift card rack and loaded at the checkout lane.

How to add value

Regardless of where you get the card, you can always add value to your card through:

How to pay with the card

Simply tap the card on the the Hop reader and hold it for a beep. Youth and Honored Citizen card holders will also need to carry a qualifying ID and present it to the bus driver or fare inspector.

  • On buses (except C-Tran Vine), Hop reader is located near the farebox.
  • On Portland Streetcar, Hop reader is located inside the vehicle.