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Map:Sacramento RT Route 75

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Bus stop map for Sacramento RT Route 75. Stop list is below the map.

It is possible that not every trip serve every stop. See timetable for details.

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Source: Transit agency.

Stop name Destination Stop code

SCHRIEVER AVE & PETER A MCCUEN BLVD (NB) Butterfield Station 1397 - Desktop, Mobile
SCHRIEVER AVE & PETER A MCCUEN BLVD (SB) Rancho Cordova/Mather 1398 - Desktop, Mobile
ARMSTRONG AVE & WHITEHEAD ST (WB) Butterfield Station 1399 - Desktop, Mobile
BLECKELY ST & SCHIRRA AVE (NB) Rancho Cordova/Mather 1418 - Desktop, Mobile
FEMOYER ST & INTERNATIONAL DR (SB) Butterfield Station 1419 - Desktop, Mobile
INTERNATIONAL DR & FEMOYER ST (WB) Rancho Cordova/Mather 1420 - Desktop, Mobile
DATA DR & RESERVE DR (NB) Butterfield Station 1426 - Desktop, Mobile
DATA RD & 3466 DATA DR (NB) Butterfield Station 1429 - Desktop, Mobile
DATA DR & CAPITAL CENTER DR (EB) Butterfield Station 1430 - Desktop, Mobile
INTERNATIONAL DR & CAPITOL CENTER DR (WB) Butterfield Station 1431 - Desktop, Mobile
FOLSOM BVD & PASEO DR (WB) Butterfield Station 2739 - Desktop, Mobile
FOLSOM BLVD & LA LOMA DR (WB) Butterfield Station 2740 - Desktop, Mobile
FOLSOM BLVD & W LA LOMA DR (WB) Butterfield Station 2741 - Desktop, Mobile
FOLSOM BLVD & ROD BEAUDRY DR (WB) Butterfield Station 2742 - Desktop, Mobile
FOLSOM BLVD & PASEO RIO WAY (WB) Butterfield Station 2743 - Desktop, Mobile
FOLSOM BLVD & BRADSHAW RD (WB) Butterfield Station 2744 - Desktop, Mobile
FOLSOM BLVD & BUTTERFIELD WAY (WB) Butterfield Station 2745 - Desktop, Mobile
FOLSOM BLVD & BUTTERFIELD WAY (EB) Rancho Cordova/Mather 2759 - Desktop, Mobile
FOLSOM BLVD & BRADSHAW RD (EB) Rancho Cordova/Mather 2760 - Desktop, Mobile
FOLSOM BLVD & HORN RD (EB) Rancho Cordova/Mather 2761 - Desktop, Mobile
FOLSOM BLVD & ROD BEAUDRY DR (EB) Rancho Cordova/Mather 2762 - Desktop, Mobile
FOLSOM BLVD & ROUTIER RD (EB) Rancho Cordova/Mather 2763 - Desktop, Mobile
FOLSOM BLVD & LA LOMA DR (EB) Rancho Cordova/Mather 2764 - Desktop, Mobile
MATHER LRS & BAY 1 (NB) Rancho Cordova/Mather, Butterfield Station 318 - Desktop, Mobile
ROCKINGHAM DR & OLD PLACERVILLE RD (EB) Butterfield Station 3802 - Desktop, Mobile
ARMSTRONG & VON KARMAN (EB) Rancho Cordova/Mather 3851 - Desktop, Mobile
MATHERFIELD RD & ROCKINGHAM (NB) Butterfield Station 3852 - Desktop, Mobile
DATA DR & INTERNATIONAL DR (NB) Rancho Cordova/Mather, Butterfield Station 4061 - Desktop, Mobile
ROCKINGHAM DR & MATHER FIELD RD (WB) Rancho Cordova/Mather 4210 - Desktop, Mobile
BUTTERFIELD WAY & FOLSOM BLVD LRT (WB) Rancho Cordova/Mather, Butterfield Station 9920 - Desktop, Mobile
BLECKLEY ST & SCHIRRA AVE (SB) Butterfield Station 9922 - Desktop, Mobile
OLD PLACERVILLE RD & SCHRIEVER AVE (NB) Butterfield Station 9928 - Desktop, Mobile