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Metro McAllen provides local bus transit in the City of McAllen. The main hub of the bus system is Central Station in Downtown McAllen. It connects with Valley Metro and Metro Connect buses.

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S 23rd St
N 23rd St, N 10th St
S 10th St, La Plaza Mall, Airport, Hospitals
N 29th St, Nolana, McColl
McColl, Nolana, Ware
Col. Rowe


$1.00 for adults, and $0.50 for students, seniors, and disabled riders.

Transfer is free.

Featured destinations

South Texas College  |  Rio Grande Regional Hospital  |  International Museum of Art & Science  |  Northcross Shopping Center  |  Kingwood Village Shopping Center  |  Central Marketplace Shopping Center (McAllen)  |  Palm Crossing Shopping Center  |  Central Station (McAllen)  |  Rowe High School  |  Trenton Crossing Shopping Center