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Local/residential fares

One way 24-hour pass 2-hour pass 3-day pass 5-day pass 30-day pass
Not valid on Deuce and ACE Gold line except with local ID.
Full fare $2 $5 $3 $15 $20 $65
Reduced fare $1 $2 $1.50 $7.50 $10 $30

Las Vegas Strip premium fares

2-hour all access pass 24-hour pass 3-day pass 30-day pass
Valid on all lines
Full fare $5 $7 $20 $65
Reduced fare $2.50 $3.50 $10 $30

Riders age 6-17, age 60 or over, disabled, or eligible for Medicare pay reduced fare. Multi-day passes can not be purchased on vehicles. Regular day pass can be upgraded to all-access for $2 on Deuce.

Multi-day passes can be purchased online ahead of time. Passes purchased online and by mail need to be validated at a ticket vending machine before boarding proof of payment vehicles.

RTC passes have a magnetic strip. When boarding buses (except those with proof of payment), slide the pass at the strip reader on top of the fare box to verify payment.

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