Roaring Fork Transportation Authority

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Roaring Fork Transportation Authority (RFTA) provides local and regional transit in the Roaring Fork Valley, serving resort communities such as Aspen and Glenwood Springs.

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Regional routes

Carbindale Circulator Local Carbondale

Grand Hogback Glenwood - Rifle

Ride Glenwood Springs Local Glenwood Springs

Roaring Fork Valley Glenwood Springs - Snowmass - Aspen

VelociRFTA Rapid: Glenwood Springs - Aspen

Aspen routes (fare free)

1 Hunter Creek (clockwise loop)

2 Cemetery Lane

3 Castle/Maroon

4 Mountain Valley Dial-a-ride

10 Burlingame/Hwy 82

Cross Town Aspen Club - Harris Hall (seasonal service)

Galena St. Hunter Creek (seasonal service)

Highlands (seasonal service)


Fare varies on routes depending on distance traveled. Fixed route transit within Aspen is fare-free.