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Rochester Public Transit (RPT) is a local bus system covering the city of Rochester, Minnesota.

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Bus routes

This system has a more complicated route structure compared to similarly sized systems. It has many service deviation based on time of day. The basic route includes the number, and a service deviation based on the letter after the number. All routes serve downtown.

Letter A and B indicate alternate routings (often running during peak).
D means direct (commonly known as express) trips.
M means midday day only service.
N means night service.
20 series route number indicate weekend and holiday service.

So a destination may have 5 to 6 routes serving it, but at most only one or two routes at a given time of day.

1 North Broadway, Silver Lake, Shopko

1D Saint Marys, Chateau Theater Park & Ride (loop)

1N Night: Saint Marys, Chateau Theater Park & Ride

2 Quarry Hill, Teton Lane, Silver Lake Center

3 Heintz Center, RCTC, Human Services Campus

3D RCTC Park & Ride, Downtown, St Marys

3N Night: RCTC Park & Ride, Parkside, Downtown, St Marys

4A Cubs Food, Homestead

4B Park Lane, Marion Road

4M Midday: Park Lane, Cub Foods, Homestead, Rose Harbor

5 Mayo High School, Southeast, Meadow Park

6A Crossroads, Shopko South, Walmart South

6B Walgreens, Bethel

6D Fairgrounds, St. Marys, Downtown (counter-clockwise loop)

6M Midday: Shopko South, Walmart South

7 St. Mary' Hospital, Apache Mall, TJ Maxx (clockwise loop)

7A Apache Mall, Crossroads College, Edison Building (clockwise loop)

7N Night: Shopko South, Walmart South, TJ Maxx (clockwise loop)

8 Country Club Manor, St. Mary's Hospital

9 Sunset Terrace, Abiity Building Center

10 Elton Hills Dr, Cascade St, Target

11 Valhalla, Elton Hills Dr, Summit Square

12 IBM, Walmart North, Homestead, Target, The Gates, Mayo NW

12M Midday: Mayo NW Family Medicine, Walmart North

12N Night: Wal-Mart North, 41st St. NW

14 Channel 1, Zumbro Way, Bamber Corners (loop, AM clockwise, PM counter-clockwise)

15D St. Mary's, Maine Ave & Target P&R (loop, AM clockwise, PM counter-clockwise)

16 Century High, Viola Heights Dr. NE

17 Mightly Oaks School, Sunnydale, Marion

18 IBM, ABC, Superior Dr NW

18D Downtown, IBM

19 OMC NW Clinic, Gibbs Elementary, St. Mary's

21 Weekend/Holiday: Shopko North, Silver Lake, 11th Ave NE, North Broadway

22 Weekend/Holiday: Homestead Village, Marion Road, Parkside, Meadow Park, Mayo HS

23 Weekend/Holiday: Fairgrounds, Walmart, Apache Mall, St. Mary's (clockwise loop)

24 Weekend/Holiday: St. Mary's, Apache Mall, Walmart, Fairgrounds (counter-clockwise loop)

25 Weekend/Holiday: St. Mary's Hospital, Miracle Mile, Northgate, ABC, Walmart North

26 Weekend/Holiday: Valhalla, Summit Square, Walmart North


Full Youth Senior/disabled
One way $2.00 $1.00 $1.00
10-ride $16.00 $8.00 $8.00
31-day pass $42.00 - -

See here for other available fares types.

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