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Seattle Streetcar is a modern streetcar system serving urban core areas around downtown. The system has two disconnected lines serving South Lake Union, Capitol Hill, First Hill, and the International District. All the lines connect with Sound Transit Link, which runs underground through Downtown Seattle.

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The Seattle Streetcar system is owned by the City of Seattle. There are two expansion projects currently underway. The first is the Center City Connector, which will link the South Lake Union and First Hill Streetcar lines, and connect over a dozen neighborhoods in Seattle's Center City, and will serve the city's inter-modal hub areas at Westlake, Colman Dock, and King Street Station.

The Broadway extension is a 1/2 mile extension of the line from Broadway/Denny to Broadway/Roy with an intermediate station at Harrison. This project is currently on hold.


First Hill - International District - Pioneer Square
Westlake Center - South Lake Union

Fare/how to ride

Fare is $2.25 for adults, $1 for seniors and the disabled. Youth fare (6-17) us $1.50.

This line uses proof of payment. Cash passengers can pay the fare at ticket machines located at stops. OCRA card holders tap the card at the yellow ORCA reader on each platform before boarding the streetcar.

Passengers can board through any door. Present ticket or a validated ORCA card to the inspector upon request.


Bicycles can be taken aboard the the streetcar with no additional fare. The bike must to kept in the low floor section of the vehicle only.

Disabled access

The streetcar is wheelchair accessible. Disabled riders can press the round accessibility symbol on the outside of the vehicle door (the left door in the center section) when the train has stopped to deploy a ramp.

If the door is open when the ramp is requested, the door will close briefly while the ramp is deployed and then reopens.

Press the blue ramp request strip in the accessible area to request stop and to have ramp deployed.


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