Sound Transit Express Route 512

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(ST) Everett - Seattle
Daily service. Reverse commute (Northbound AM, Southbound PM) service during weekday peak hours.

During peak hours in peak directions, line 510 provides service at 512 stops in Everett. Line 511 provides service at 512 stops in Lynnwood and Mountlake Terrace.

Points of interest/Connections

BSicon LSTR.svg Local stop segment BSicon HST.svg Regular bus stops BSicon BHF.svg Transit centers
Major stops Points of interest
Amtrak, Sounder
Everett Station
Broadway & 34th
South Everett Park & Ride
Ash Way Park & Ride
I-5.svg HOV lanes
Lynnwood Transit Center
Lynnwood Square Shopping Center
Mountlake Terrace Park & Ride
I-5/NE 145th Street Freeway Station
I-5/NE 45th Street Freeway Station
Central Link/Tunnel connections:
Westlake Station
Downtown Seattle via 5th/4th avenues
University Street Station
Pioneer Square Station
Pioneer Square
International District/Chinatown
King St. Stn, Int'l District Stn
Amtrak, Sounder
CenturyLink Field