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South Metro Area Regional Transit (SMART) is a local bus system covering the city of Wilsonville, with regional service to Canby, Tualtin, Portland, and Salem. It connects with TriMet buses, WES Commuter Rail, and Cherriots buses.

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Fare is not charged for transportation within Wilsonville.

Out of city fares:

One way Monthly pass
Salem - Adult $3.00 $75
Salem - Youth/Senior/Disabled $1.50 $37.50
Canby/Tualtin/Barbur - Adult $1.50 $35
Canby/Tualtin/Barbur - Youth/Senior/Disabled $0.75 $17.50

A pass that is good on all route costs $110 for adults and $55 for youth/senior/disabled.

Bus routes

1X Salem

2X Barbur

3 Charbonneau Canby

4 Wilsonville Road

5 95th Ave

6 Canyon Creek

7 Villebois