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Sun Tran fares

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SunGO Card is a contactless farecard for Sun Tran services. SunGO card can hold fare values or passes. SunGO card is required to receive a free transfer, even if you pay cash to board the bus. A new SunGO card costs $2.

Riders eligible for discounted fares (seniors, disabled, Medicare, and low income riders) can apply for SunGO ID card to pay for reduced fares. The SunGO ID card can hold fare values as well as passes.

SunGO Ticket (paper) is a short term farecard good for 90 days after the initial use. It can be sold as a 1-day or 30-day ticket.

SunGO card and ticket can be ordered from the transit agency's web site, on the phone, or at Sun Tran offices and other sales outlet. At Ronstadt, Laos and Tohono transit centers, riders can purchase SunGO cards and load values.

Local bus/Sun Shuttle (fixed route) fares

One way Day pass 2-ride pass 30-day pass
Full fare $1.75 $4 $3.20 $48
Economy fare $0.75 - - $15
Senior/​Disabled/​Medicare fare $0.75 - - $15

$0.15 discount for adult riders paying with SunGO card. Free transfers are available for SunGO card holders. The transfers are good for two bus rides (not the same route in the other direction) within two hours.

Low-income individuals can qualify for economy fare. Kids 5 and under ride free with another fare paying passenger.

The fares for deviated service on Sun Shuttle routes are double the fixed route fares.

Express bus fares

One way 30-day pass
Full fare 2.35 $64
Economy fare - -
Senior/Disabled/Medicare fare - -