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🚍 Tempo Bus Rapid Transit: Uptown Oakland - San Leandro Station via International
24 hour service.

This bus rapid transit line use exclusive bus lanes and median bus platforms along International Blvd in East Oakland. Riders purchase tickets from ticket vending machines or tag Clipper card before boarding the bus.

Runs every 10 daily until 7pm, then every 15 minutes until midnight. Hourly service is provided overnight on weeknights and every 30 minutes on weekends.

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All Tempo platforms provide level boarding with the bus. Riders in wheelchairs should board through the middle door in the front section of the bus. Riders with bicycles should board at rear door and place bike in interior racks.

Stop list

Bus platform may be a block north or south from the intersection that the stop is named after.

Bus platforms Points of interest
Uptown Oakland
BART at 19th Street/Oakland Station
14th St
BART at Oakland City Center/12th Street Station
Downtown Oakland
City Center
Oakland Chinatown
Rene C Davidson Courthouse
Oakland Museum of California
Laney College
Henry J Kaiser Convention Center
2nd Ave
5th Ave
Eastlake (Oakland)
10th Ave
14th Ave
San Antonio Park (Oakland)
20th Ave
24th Ave
28th Ave
31st Ave
Short walk to BART at Fruitvale Station
39th Ave
High St
Highland Square Shopping Center (Oakland)
48th Ave
54th Ave
63rd Ave
67th Ave
Coliseum College Prep Academy
73rd Ave
77th Ave
82nd Ave
86th Ave
90th Ave
95th Ave
98th Ave
103rd Ave
Durant Ave
Durant Marketplace
Georgia Way
San Leandro Civic Center
Downtown San Leandro
San Leandro Station