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Local bus routes

Flex Castro Valley Local Castro Valley

Flex Newark Union City - Newark via Thornton, Haley

1 International: San Leandro Station - Downtown Oakland

6 Telegraph: Downtown Oakland - Downtown Berkeley

7 Arlington: Downtown Berkeley Station - El Cerrito Del Norte Station

10 East 14th: Hayward BART - San Leandro BART

12 Grand: Dtn. Oakland /Dtn. Berkeley/4th St. Harrison

14 East 18th St: West Oakland - Fruitvale Station via Laurel

18 Albany - Lake Merritt BART via Solano, Shattuck, MLK

19 Downtown Oakland - Fruitvale BART via Buena Vista/Alameda

20 Fruitvale & MacArthur - Downtown Oakland via Fruitvale, Alameda

21 Fruitvale & MacArthur - Oakland Airport via Fruitvale, South Shore Center, Bay Farm Island

28 Hayward - Castro Valley - Bayfair - San Leandro BART

29 Emeryville/West Oakland BART/Lakeshore

33 Montclair/Highland

34 Hayward BART - Foothill Sq

35 Bayfair BART - Foothill Sq.

36 West Oakland BART/ Bancroft/Berkeley

39 Fruitvale BART - Skyline High via Fruitvale, MacArthur, Lincoln Ave

40 Bay Fair Station/Eastmont Transit Center - Downtown Oakland via Foothill and Bancroft

41 Hayward BART - Union Landing

45 Eastmont Center - Foothill Square via Coliseum/Oakland Airport Station

46 82nd Ave: Coliseum/Oakland Airport Station - Oakland Zoo

46L 82nd Ave: Coliseum Station - Grass Valley

47 Blanding Ave/Alameda - Mills College (55th Ave and MacArthur)

51A Rockridge BART - Fruitvale BART via Downtown Oakland, Alameda

51B Berkeley Pier, Berkeley Amtrak - Rockridge BART via University Ave, College Ave

52 University Village - UC Berkeley via San Pablo, Cedar, Sacramento, and University

54 35th Ave: Fruitvale Station - Merritt College

56 Hayward BART to Union Landing Transit Center via Alameda County Offices, Ruus Park

57 MacArthur: Foothill Square - Emeryville

60 Chabot College - Hayward BART - CSU East Bay

62 Fruitvale Station - West Oakland Station via Highland Hospital

65 Euclid: Downtown Berkeley - Lawrence Hall of Science

67 Spruce: Spruce and Grizzly Peak - Downtown Berkeley

70 Appian: Richmond Parkway Transit Center - Richmond Station via El Sobrante

71 Rumrill: El Cerrito Plaza Station - Richmond Parkway Transit Center via Carlson, Rumrill, Point Pinole

72 San Pablo Avenue: Jack London Square - Hilltop Mall

72M Macdonald: Jack London Square - Point Richmond

72R San Pablo Rapid: Oakland Jack London Square - Contra Costa College

73 Eastmont Transit Center - Oakland Airport via 73rd, Coliseum BART, Hegenberger

74 Richmond Marina Bay - Castro Ranch & Sherwood Forest

76 Cutting: Hilltop Mall - El Cerrito Del Norte Station via Richmond Station

79 Rockridge/Berkeley/El Cerrito BART

80 Claremont/El Cerrito BART

83 Clawiter: South Hayward Station - Hayward BART Station via Clawiter and Tennyson

86 Hayward BART - South Hayward

88 Market: Lake Merritt Station - Downtown Berkeley

90 Coliseum Station - Foothill Square via 90th

93 Castro Valley BART - Hayward - San Lorenzo - Bayfair

94 Hayward Highlands: Hayward BART Station - Hayward Blvd and Fairview

95 Hayward BART Station - Kelly and Eddy

96 Fruitvale Montana/ Alameda Point

97 Hesperian: Union City Station - Bay Fair Station

98 Coliseum Station - Eastmont via Edgewater, 98th, MacArthur

99 Fremont Station - Hayward Station via Fremont, Decoto, Mission Blvd

200 Union City BART - Fremont BART via Newark, NewPark Mall, Mowry

210 Ohlone College - Union Landing Shopping Center

212 Fremont Station - Ohlone College Newark Campus via Fremont Blvd, Pacific Commons, NewPark Mall

215 Warren Ave - Fremont Station

216 Ohlone College Newark Campus - Union City Station via Stevenson, Fremont Station, Niles

217 Mission San Jose: Great Mall/Main Light Rail Station - Fremont BART Station

232 Ardenwood: Ohlone College Newark Campus - Fremont BART - via Lido Faire, Union City BART

239 Fremont BART - Milpitas/Dixon Landing via Walnut, Grimmer, Mission, and Warm Springs

251 Fremont BART - Newark via Paseo Padre, Thornton

314 Tue, Thu: West Oakland Shopper

339 Fruitvale BART - Chabot Space and Science Center via Fruitvale, Lincoln

356 Mon, Wed, Fri: East Oakland Shopper

376 North Richmond Night: El Cerrito Del Norte Station - North Richmond

801 All-Nighter: Downtown Oakland - Fremont Station

802 All-Nighter: Downtown Oakland - Berkeley Amtrak Station via San Pablo

805 All-Nighter: Downtown Oakland - Oakland International Airport

840 All-Nighter: Downtown Oakland - Eastmont Transit Center via Foothill

851 All-Nighter: Fruitvale BART - Downtown Berkeley

Transbay routes

B Trestle Glen: Oakland - San Francisco

C Moraga Avenue: Piedmont (Highland Ave and Highland Way) - San Francisco

CB Broadway Terrace: Oakland - San Francisco

E Claremont: Oakland (Caldecott Lane and Parkwood Apts) - San Francisco

F Adeline: Downtown Berkeley (Hearst and Shattuck) - San Francisco

FS North Berkeley: Berkeley (Solano and Colusa) - San Francisco

G Solano: El Cerrito (Potrero and Richmond) - San Francisco

H Richmond (Barrett and San Pablo) - San Francisco via Arlington

J Sacramento: Berkeley (Sacramento and University) - San Francisco

L Pierce: San Pablo (Princeton Plaza) - San Francisco

LA Hilltop: Richmond (Park Central and Hilltop) - San Francisco

LC Evening: San Francisco - San Pablo, Hilltop

M Hayward BART Station - Hillsdale Station

NL MacArthur Limited: Eastmont Transit Center - San Francisco

NX Morning: Oakland (Seminary and MacArthur) - San Francisco

NX1 Afternoon: San Francisco (Transbay Terminal) - Oakland (Fruitvale and MacArthur)

NX2 Afternoon: San Francisco (Transbay Terminal) - Oakland (High and MacArthur)

NX3 Eastmont: San Leandro (Marlow and Foothill) - San Francisco

NX4 Castro Valley Park & Ride - San Francisco

NXC Evening: San Francisco - Castro Valley Park & Ride

O Santa Clara: Fruitvale BART - San Francisco via Alameda

OX East Alameda: Bay Farm Island - San Francisco

P Oakland Avenue: Piedmont - San Francisco

S Hayward (Eden Shores Park) - San Francisco

SB Newark (Cedar and Stevenson) - San Francisco

U Fremont Station - Stanford University

V Park Blvd: Oakland (College and Broadway) - San Francisco via Montclair

W Otis: Alameda (Broadway and Blanding) - San Francisco

Z 6th Street: San Francisco - Albany (Buchanan and Pierce)

800 All-Nighter: San Francisco - Richmond Station

School routes

Operate on school days only. All trips are open to the public.

604 School days only: Berkeley - Oakland - H.Royce School

605 School days only: Berkeley - Oakland - H.Royce School

606 School days only: Piedmont - H.Royce School

607 School days only: Point Richmond - Richmond H.S.

611 School days only: Diamond Dist./ Westlake M.S./ Piedmont

617 School days only: Seminary Ave/ Skyline H.S.

620 School days only: Cedar Blvd-Newark Memorial H.S.

621 School days only: Fremont - American H.S.

623 School days only: Milpitas Blvd. & Dixon Landing - Horner JH

624 School days only: Paseo Padre - Mission S.J. High School

625 School days only: Niles & El Portal - Centerville JHS

626 School days only: Newark Blvd.

628 School days only: Cedar Blvd.

629 School days only: Cherry St.

631 School days only: Alameda/ Encinal H.S.

638 School days only: 73rd International Blvd - Skyline High

642 School days only: Montera M.S./ Snake Rd.

646 School days only: Montera/ Skyline High/ Coliseum Bart

648 School days only: Skyline H.S./ Fruitvale Bart

649 School days only: Skyline H.S./ Grass Valley

650 School days only: Skyline H.S./ Montera Middle School

652 School days only: Skyline H.S./ Sequoyah Rd/ 90th. & Inter Blvd

653 School days only: MacArthur-Bdway/ Montera

654 School days only: Skyline H.S./ 35th Ave/ Fruitvale Bart

655 School days only: Montera M.S./ 35th Ave/ Fruitvale Bart

657 School days only: Oakland Tech. H.S./ Macarthur Blvd/ Coliseum Bart

658 School days only: Skyline H.S./ Macarthur Blvd/ 40th San Pablo Ave

660 School days only: 40th/Bdway/Montera

662 School days only: Skyline H.S./ 40th & Broadway

663 School days only: Encianal H.S./ Island H.S./ Broadway Blanding

667 School days only: N.Richmond - Rich. BART - El Cerrito

668 School days only: 21st & Macdonald Ave. - El Cerrito

669 School days only: CCC - DeAnza HS/Crespi MS

671 School days only: CCC - De Anza HS/Crespi MS

672 School days only: San Pablo - El Sobrante

675 School days only: 21st & Macdonald Ave. - El Cerrito

676 School days only: San Pablo - El Sobrante

677 School days only: Montera M.S./ Skyline Rd

679 School days only: Crespi MS & DeAnza High Schools

680 School days only: Bishop O'Dowd H.S./ Macarthur Blvd

681 School days only: Rich Pkwy & W.Macd - DeJean M.S.

682 School days only: Bishop O'Dowd H.S./ Montclair/ 40th Broadway

684 School days only: Rich. BART /El Cerrito HS

687 School days only: Bay Farm Is. / Lincoln Middle Sch.

688 School days only: St. Marys H.S./ Montclair/ Lakeshore Ave

696 School days only: Oakland Tech H.S./ Montclair/ Redwood Rd

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