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Amarillo City Transit provides local bus transit in the City of Amarillo. The main hub of the bus system is Amarillo Transfer Station in Downtown Amarillo. It connects with Greyhound buses.

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SW 6th Ave, Westgate
West Amarillo Blvd
Hospital District On Call
Northside Amarillo
East Amarillo Blvd, N Grand, NE 24th Ave, Martin Rd
East Amarillo Blvd, Eastridge
SE 16th Ave, S Grand St.
SE 3rd Ave, Ross St
Arthur St, East I-40 Access Rd
S Washington St
Canyon Dr
SW 10th Ave, S Georgia St, SW 45th Ave
SW 3rd Ave, S Western St, SW 34th Ave


Adults: $0.75

Children, students: $0.60

Seniors, disabled, Medicare: $0.35