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Greyhound is a national intercity bus operator. In some regions, transit agencies are not interconnected and Greyhound (and Amtrak to some extent) is the only mode connecting these cities. In rural areas, some transit agencies provide connecting bus service from various communities to Greyhound bus stops located in larger cities. In some states, intercity bus service is operated by other companies that have interline arrangement with Greyhound.

Greyhound was purchased by Flixbus in 2021. Both companies share the same schedule & reservation system but remain operated as separate brands. Some of the routes that had duplicate service between Flixbus and Greyhound have been reduced to either exclusively Flixbus or Greyhound. In some cities, both brands share stops but in other cities, they have separate stops.

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In some cities, Greyhound features terminals with indoor waiting rooms, and only curbside stops in others. Since the acquisition by Flixbus, more cities may be changed to curbside pick ups since the purchase didn't include the real estate of company owned terminals.

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