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{{{accessibility}}} No Public restroom   City: San Jose 

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Berryessa/North San Jose Station is southernmost stop on the BART system and the only station in the City of San Jose.

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Ticket machines are available at the ground-level station concourse. First time riders can purchase a reusable Clipper card from a vending machine before boarding. All riders must pass through the faregates with a valid Clipper card, mobile device with (Clipper enabled) Apple Pay/Google Pay, or paper ticket (no longer sold at stations). Keep the ticket, device, or card for the ride and use it to pass through the faregates again when exiting the station.

This station features a center platform above the concourse. Trains may depart on either track. See overhead destination sign to see which train is departing from which track.

Any platform: to Richmond, to SF & Daly City.
Real time departures:
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Sierra & Piedmont - Good Samaritan Hospital
Milpitas BART - Capitol Station via Jackson
Milpitas BART - Eastridge via King
Rapid: San Jose Diridon - Downtown San Jose - Berryessa BART

Real time departures


Parking is available at the multi-story garage. Parking rates and policies are different than the rest of the BART system given that VTA owns and manages parking at stations in Santa Clara County.

Daily parking fee is $3. Long term parking fee is $7 per day. Monthly permit costs $50.

Use separate pay stations (located at ground level of garage) or app to pay parking fees.