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BART ticket machine

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There are two types of BART ticket machines:

  • Sell and add money to standard ticket (fare card - pictured on left)
  • Sell adult Clipper cards (pictured on right)

Both types of machines allow riders to add values onto existing Clipper cards.

Standard tickets do not offer any type of discounts (student, senior, disabled). If you want to buy discounted tickets, you will need to buy these online, by mail, or at selected locations.

The machines accept:

  • Coins (Not all machines take $1 coins)
  • Bills
  • ATM, Debit and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and Discover)

Machines can give change up to $4.95. If you have a $10 or $20 bill but want to buy a ticket $5 or less in value, use the adjacent bill changing machine to change to $5 bills.

BART ticket machines can change $1 bills to quarters.

How to use

Unlike most ticket machines, BART machines themselves don't tell how much a rider should pay. You need to know how much your fare is and then buy a fare card with the value needed for your trip.

  1. Determine which station you are heading to and how much the fare is. A chart is provided at every machine indicating one way and round trip fares.
  2. If you are buying a new ticket, insert cash or credit/debit card into the machine.
    • The default value is $20 if you pay by a credit/debit card.
    • If you are adding value to an old ticket, insert your old ticket first and then insert cash or credit/debit card.
  3. You can either print a ticket, select to buy multiple tickets, or adjust your the ticket value before printing.
  4. Pick up your ticket and change.

If you plan to ride BART trains frequently, you should buy a Clipper card with a larger value and use up that value over time. That way you can skip the ticket machines for future trips. Using Clipper allows you to avoid the $0.50 fare surcharge with paper tickets.

You can increase or decrease your ticket's value.

Add values to Clipper Cards

E-cash (usable on BART and other transit agencies) can now be added onto existing Clipper Cards from all BART ticket machines. (Pass products for other transit agencies are not available to purchase from BART machines)

  1. Place the card in front of the reader (blue circular disk) in front of the machine.
  2. Follow the instruction on screen to put cash, credit card, or debit card.
  3. Select values to be added
  4. Place the card in front of the reader again.