College Avenue (Oakland)

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City: Oakland 

Directions to and from College Avenue (Oakland)

The business area stretches from Alcatraz to the north and Broadway to the south.


Bus - AC Transit

Lines 51 and 851 run on College Avenue for the whole length.

E Claremont: Oakland (Caldecott Lane and Parkwood Apts) - San Francisco

51A Rockridge BART - Fruitvale BART via Downtown Oakland, Alameda

51B Berkeley Amtrak - Rockridge BART via University Ave, College Ave

79 Rockridge/Berkeley/El Cerrito BART

605 School days only: Berkeley - Oakland - H.Royce School

688 School days only: St. Marys H.S./ Montclair/ Lakeshore Ave

851 All-Nighter: Fruitvale BART - Downtown Berkeley