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City: Long Beach 
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Ferry to the Catalina Island sail from Catalina Express Terminal Long Beach in downtown.

During the summer season, Long Beach Transit's AquaLink and AquaBus water taxis stop at various locations in the downtown waterfront.


Long Beach Transit provides local transit service in the area. The main downtown transit center is located on 1st Street by Downtown Long Beach Station.

Long Beach Transit

Passport Downtown - Queen Mary

1 Easy Ave/Santa Fe/CSUDH

21 Cherry

22 Cherry/Downey Ave

46 Anaheim St. - Downtown

51 Long Beach Blvd.

52 Long Beach Blvd.

61 Atlantic Ave.

71 Alamitos/Orange Ave.

72 Alamitos/Orange Ave.

91 7th St. - Bellflower

92 7th St. - Woodruff

93 7th St. - Clark

94 7th St. - Los Altos

96 ZAP - 7th St. (limited stops - no summer service)

111 Broadway - Lakewood

112 Broadway - Clark

121 Ocean/Belmont Shore/CSULB/PCH at Ximeno

151 4th Street

172 PCH - Palo Verde

173 PCH/Studebaker

174 Night: PCH/Ximeno

181 Magnolia

182 Pacific

191 Santa Fe - Del Amo

192 Santa Fe - South St.


Long Beach Long Beach Transit Gallery - LAX

LADOT Transit

142 San Pedro - Long Beach

Los Angeles Metro

60 Overnight: Downtown LA - Long Beach via Long Beach Blvd

232 Long Beach - LAX via Sepulveda, Pacific Coast Highway

Torrance Transit

3 Redondo Beach - Del Amo Mall - Downtown Torrance - Downtown Long Beach via Carson, Main, PCH

3-Rapid (Limited stop) South Bay Galleria - Del Amo Mall - Downtown Long Beach via Hawthorne, Carson, Avalon, PCH