EZ Transit Pass

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EZ Transit Pass is a regional monthly pass valid at most transit agencies in Los Angeles County. EZ Transit Pass allows transit riders to use multiple transit providers with a single pass. As of July 2010 it is $84 for full fare and $35 for reduced fare.

The base pass covers local service. Express stickers (at $22 each/$9.50 for reduced; maximum 10) can be purchased to cover express buses.

A TAP card is required to purchase and use the EZ Transit Pass. For agencies that do accept TAP cards, place the card at a reader to validate electronically. Also, a monthly sticker will be affixed on the TAP card for agencies that do not accept TAP cards.

Some larger transit providers offer their own pass that's valid only in that agency. Many of the smaller ones do not provide a monthly pass of their own, and EZ Transit Pass is the primary pass for those systems.

Participating providers

† - Metrolink tickets is not valid for a number of transit providers.