El Centro (El Paso)

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City: El Paso 

Directions to and from El Centro (El Paso)

Bus - Sun Metro

Las Cruces - El Paso
Westside Transfer Center - Downtown
Eastside Express
Ysleta Express
Union Plaza Circulator
Downtown Shopping District Circulator
Sunset Heights/UTEP
Mesita Via Kern Place
Chelmont Via Raynolds
Chelmont Via Chelsea
Delta via Second Ward
Government Hill Via Bassett
Medical Center Via Cliff
Northgate Via Dyer
Beaumont Hospital/Highland
Northeast Connector
Eastside Terminal
Eastside Connector
Ysleta Via Alameda
Pasodale Via Lakeside
Hacienda Via Carolina
Lancaster Via North Loop
NM Sunland Park/McNutt Rd.
Downtown El Paso - Juárez