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Kings Area Rural Transit (KART) provides local and regional bus service in the Kings County. It connects with Amtrak San Joaquins, Visalia Transit, and Fresno Area Express. Hub of the bus system is Hanford Station.

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1 North Hanford via Douty, Fargo, 11th

2 Northeast Hanford via 10th, Fargo, Douty

3 East Hanford

4 Southeast Hanford

5 Southwest Hanford via 11th, Hume, 12th, Hanford-Armona

6 West Hanford via Lacey, Centennial, 7th

7 Northwest Hanford via 11th, Grangeville, 13th, Lacey

8 11th Ave, Houston Ave

9 Lacey, 13th Ave, Orangeville

Hanford-Avenal Hanford - Avenal

Hanford-Corcoran Hanford - Corcoran

Hanford-Fresno Hanford - Fresno

Hanford-Laton Hanford - Laton

Hanford-Lemoore Hanford - Lemoore

Hanford-NAS Hanford - NAS

Hanford-Visalia Hanford - Visalia


One way Regional route one way Downtown (Hanford) Monthly pass Regional Monthly pass
Full fare $1.00 $1.50 $40.00 $50.00
Senior/Disabled/Medicare fare $0.50 $0.75
Source: [1]

Senior/Diabled fares on fixed route is in effect between 9am-3pm.