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Visalia Transit provides local bus service mainly in the city of Visalia. It connects with KART, Tulare County Area Transit, Tulare InterModal Express, Greyhound.

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Towne Trolley Gold Route Downtown

Towne Trolley Red Route Downtown - Recreation Park

V-Line Visalia - Fresno

1 Downtown - Tulare County Government Plaza

2 Downtown - Visalia Medical Clinic via Court, Caldwell, Akers

3 East Central Visalia (loop)

4 Downtown - Visalia Medical Clinic via Tulare

5 Downtown - Visalia Medical Clinic via Ben Maddox, Walnut

6 Downtown - Goshen

7A/7B North Visalia

8A/8B Northwest Visalia loop

9 Visalia - Farmersville - Exeter

11X Visalia - Tulare

12 Sequoia Mall - Farmersville - Exeter

15 Downtown - VMC - SJVC


One way Day Pass 31-day pass
Full fare $1.25 $2.50 $30
Senior/Disabled/Medicare fare $1.00 (midday, night, weekends $0.25) $2.00
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