Los Angeles Metro Rail D Line

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Wilshire/Western (Koreatown) - Union Station
7 days a week. Holiday service varies.

Metro Rail D Line (formerly Purple Line) is one of the two subway lines in Los Angeles. This line entirely underground from Union Station in Downtown LA to Wilshire & Western in Koreatown.

This line used to be a part of the B (Red line) service, but it got a separate color in 2007 when plans for further extension of the branch from Wilshire & Western moved forward. This line charges the same fares as other bus and light rail lines, and is also the only subway system that uses the proof of payment fare system with turnstiles at stations. No additional fare is required when transferring to and from the B line.

D line trains run every 12 minutes during weekday daytime, and every 20 minutes from about 8pm to after midnight. Weekend daytime service runs about every 12-20 minutes. Service between Wilshire/Vermont and LA Union is twice as frequent because of the parallel B line service.

Passengers transferring between B and D lines do not need to buy a separate ticket or require a separate "tap" for TAP card holders.

At Union Station, the Purple Line connects with Metro A Line, Metrolink, and Amtrak. At 7th Street/Metro Center in downtown, it connects with Metro A Line to Long Beach and E Line to Santa Monica and East LA.

Route and stations

Other Metro lines and stations are in light blue color. Metrolink/Amtrak line and stations are in green.


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